Trevor and Savannah
Trevor and Savannah

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Our Story

Welcome to our wedding website! We are glad you are here, and we are excited to have you be a part of our special day. This site contains everything you need to know about our big day, from travel accommodations to registry info. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Our Story

Savannah and I first laid eyes on each other on the bus on the way to the first day of seventh grade at Trickum Middle School. It was the first day of public school for both of us, as we had both just transferred from conservative private schools. For Savannah, it was love at first sight. I was preoccupied with trying to learn cuss words and not let anyone find out that I had never kissed a girl (or even held one’s hand, for that matter), but we still managed to develop a solid friendship that was built upon genuine enjoyment of each other’s personality. Savannah’s crush faded, as she quickly learned there were taller, more athletic options to choose from at Trickum.

I remember seeing Savannah on the first day of ninth grade at Parkview High School, and thinking, “Wow, Savannah got hot over the summer” (something I couldn’t help noticing as a 14 year old boy). We would continue to be just friends until the 11th grade, when (lucky for me) we sat right next to each other in our US History Class. By Christmas Break, I was fully aware that I had feelings for Savannah. I got excited whenever she’d speak with me, I continually noticed how attractive she was, and I felt jealous emotions arising when she would flirt with other boys. Finally, on Spring Break in Panama City Beach our junior year of high school, I gathered enough courage to tell Savannah the way I felt about her. I got really lucky that night when she told me she'd like to try this “dating” thing together. So yes, Panama City Beach, the haven for romanticism and purity that it is, was the birthplace of our relationship.

Over the next 5 years, Savannah and I would, by the grace of God, make it through our final year of high school, four years of UGA football games and Greek life events, 4 summers apart, and a transition into the real world (Though Savannah insists that studying for the GMAT and watching Stephen Curry highlights isn’t the “real world”).

When I was 17, I fell in love with Savannah because she was cool, attractive, intelligent, driven, and came from a good family. I enjoyed her sense of humor, the way she made me feel, and that she cared about “being a good person”. Over the last 6 years, my love for Savannah has grown far beyond that, though I still believe all of those things to be true. No one on this planet knows me like Savannah does, and the joy I derive from her company goes beyond words. I deeply love who Savannah is, both inside and out, and who she is becoming. She makes me laugh, she supports my hopes and dreams, and she loves me well. Most importantly, we share a bond that transcends, but is also firmly rooted in, emotional closeness and physical intimacy; a shared belief in a loving and living God that will guide and lead us through this journey of life. Savannah Knudsen, I cannot wait to meet you at the end of the aisle on August 20th, and I look forward to taking on the joyful duty of loving and serving you for the rest of my life!

A Little More About Us

When Trevor and I first talked about creating this page, I had thought we'd each write our own version of our love story. However, after reading what Trevor had written, I felt it captured us so well that there was really no need for me to simply rewrite it in my own words. So, rather than tell a story, I wanted to share a bit more about our relationship as a whole - perhaps share a few special moments, correct a few myths, and hopefully encourage those of you who have managed to make it this far down our page...

By the time August 20th rolls around, Trevor and I will have been dating for over six years. Aside from the fact that that is a crazy amount of years for two 23 year olds, there's a bit more about this that makes me laugh. My dear friend Taylor will tell you that when Trevor and I were freshman at UGA, she used to tell everyone that we had been dating "for like 6 years," because at the time, 2 years together felt like a lifetime. Now that our 6 year mark has come, and we're actually looking at a lifetime together, the difference in 6 years or 2 years really doesn't feel that long.

Trevor and I both are very aware that our story is unconventional. We know that most people don't meet their spouse in middle school, start dating in high school, or even get married at 23. But, we do know that what we've been given is special. Alongside our family, friends, and a loving Heavenly Father, we've worked really hard to build the relationship that we have today. Together we've celebrated victories, mourned losses, felt discouraged and defeated, and experienced overwhelming love and blessing. We've questioned our past, our present, and our future. We've moved from wonder, to worry, to fear, to prayer, through closed doors, and fulfilled promises. But at some point along the way, we decided that we couldn't imagine our lives with any one else, and that the Lord had woven our adventures together with a purpose for deep love.

When we we look back at our 17 year old-selves beginning to date, I truly wonder how we ever even made it past day one. Our priorities were all over the place, and we certainly weren't anywhere near the people we wanted to be. We were far from perfect then, and we're still far from perfect now, but the Lord has done a good work in us - both separately and in our relationship. He has redeemed our mistakes and given us the gift of learning to love one another as He loves us. So all that to say, we're infinitely grateful for where we've been, and unimaginably excited for where we're going.

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception

5:30 PM, August 20, 2016

The Engine Room

601 S Madison Ave, Monroe, GA 30655

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Wedding Party

Bailey Frady

Maid of Honor

Madison Knudsen


Emily Knudsen


Caroline Knudsen


Kayla Bagwell


Hayley Basnett


Hannah Childs


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Athens, Georgia

One of the reasons we love The Engine Room is due to it's proximity to Athens - a place that is obviously very special to us. Athens has great options just 30 minutes northeast of Monroe. We have a room block with special rates at the hotels below.

Travel: If you choose to stay in Athens, please check back here soon for more information regarding travel to and from The Engine Room.

Parking: The Engine Room has ample parking for those that plan to drive from Athens.

Hotel Indigo (Downtown Athens) - (706) 546 0430

Hotel Indigo is a unique and modern accommodation, right in the heart of Downtown Athens. UGA's beautiful North Campus is only a nine minute walk from Hotel Indigo, and many of Athens' best restaurants and bars will be right outside your door in the walkable downtown area. Hotel Indigo is a 32 minute commute from The Engine Room, and parking at the hotel is $10/day, with a discounted room rate of $139/night.

To ensure you get the discounted rate, reference the "Knudsen/Hillis Wedding" when calling to make your reservation. If you choose to book online, click the link below, then click "reserve now". Enter the dates of your stay, then click "Book" and you will be redirected to the special rates page. You must book prior to July 20th in order to ensure the discounted rate!
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SpringHill Suites (Athens, GA) - (706) 353 8484

SpringHill Suites is located on the Athens perimeter (13 minutes from downtown Athens), roughly a 25 minute drive Northeast of The Engine Room in Monroe. If you book here, so be sure to tell them you are with the Hillis/Knudsen wedding to ensure our special rate of $119/night. You must book prior to July 20th in order to ensure the discounted rate!

If you make your reservations online, follow these instructions:

1) Click the link below
2) Enter dates of stay
3) Click "Special Rate" and use the code "khwkhwa" to book a room with 2 Queen beds or the code "khwkhwb" to book a single King bed
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Atlanta, Georgia

Out of town guests - you are more than welcome to stay in Atlanta, but just know that it is roughly one hour from Monroe! For directions from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to The Engine Room, follow the link below.
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Local Options

Monroe is a quaint, quiet Southern town, with a couple Bed & Breakfast style options. If you'd like to stay local over our wedding weekend, both Sparrow Hill Inn and The Wayfarer Hotel have wonderful reviews and offer a more private and traditional Southern lodging experience. For a more "economical" local option, check out the Walton Inn. All three of these options are within a five minute drive of our wedding venue.

Parking: The Engine Room has ample parking for those that plan to drive.
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